The You Too


In our time, spaces are no longer a concept that belong to a certain location, instead they exist independently of their physical site. For example, people take the train on a day-to-day basis, causing many stories to be lost in transportation. The mundane reality of the commute creates jaded attitudes towards hidden beauty in an aesthetically dull place.

Commonly available technology allows us to experience a state of existence in a space without actually having to be there. The person is instead there in their perception which doesnt necessarily make it any less real. Much like the curation and collection of media mentioned in Laszlo Moholy-Nagys “Rooms of our time” exhibit, modern life often imitates these circumstances.

The you too, explores multiple projections, conceals interactions in the shadows creating transparency aiming to create more meaningful relationships in an unexpected space. By allowing the audience to roam freely in the exhibit space, the person is no longer just an observer, but an active participant of the overall effect.

Tthe installation consists of real time audio / video compositing, using a microsoft kinect depth tracker and vvvv programming.


Luke Powers, Kerem Suntay, Martina Illaregui