A contribution to "The Future of Storytelling" competition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in 2014.

Project Scope

The purpose of the competition was to examine and explore digital forms of narration that revolve around the hypothesis of the Anthropocene. The term was created by environmental scientists to describe a new geological era in which humans are the main drivers of geological change and human activities have a more significant impact on earth’s ecosystem and surface than nature.

To be able to illustrate the Anthropocene hypothesis more visually, data visualization was used to create a comprehensive display of these undetectably small changes caused by humans.


The artwork is divided in two parts: a storyline that depicts human understanding of environmental issues based on data from the National Archives and a 3D printed data visualisation model that shows various countries’ performances in environmental policies.

An additional outcome of the project is a website which allows users to modify and update entries included in the timeline. For a detailed description of the project visit