A rhythmic story tale of familiar chapters of life brought to realization through mixed media projection mapping.


PERCEPTUAL uses familiar symbols of these life stages to visualize an emphasis on the interconnectedness of each passing stage.

DOCK11 is a former abandoned factory that was brought back to life through dancing. As this is the final place where this project will be exhibited, this dance school influenced the approach towards this installation between setup, use of space and aesthetics.

PERCEPTUAL shifts away from the classical definition of Dance and interprets what is universal about dance; rhythm, time, emo- tion and movement. Emerging from these elements is a mixed media narrative in which illustrations come to life through animation. Viewers are invited to connect the dots of life experiences between the past, present and future. It sets about to express these experiences. Various aesthetics are combines to create an original visual texture and narrative.


Orla Casey, Sandra Khoury, Juliana Torres, Julia Reichelmann