PAR/LIN combines various fragmented sectionals combined with the use of Photoshop and TouchDesigner. The static format of hung vertical elements alongside the interactive component brought forward by XBOX Kinect, reflect the fragments of our own reality and how we as humans perceive memory.

With the collaborative work between the Paris College of Art and the University of Applied Sciences, BTK ‘Wanderlust’ is born. Within the two cities the act of ‘flaneur’ was carried out; an experience of strolling with all its accompanying associations. Memories are created from distinct moments that eventually merge to create a mental road-map an individual may have of a specific area or landscape.

The project highlights similarities of city living and urban dwellings within two major cities, Paris and Berlin. Combining photographs of both cities - specifically the facades of buildings and bridges - creates an extraordinary cityscape.

The relevance of the project is to highlight the irregular way in which memory is shaped and how even the smallest splice of visual information can alter perception, leading to the creation of entirely new reflections of our environment.


Grace Daniel · Zina Atassi · Camilla Brenninkmeyer