Media Spaces @ TOA
A making of on the Media Spaces and Motion Design Installations at Tech Open Air (TOA) 2018.


Last year the Media Spaces program was commissioned to take part in the prestigious Tech Open Air festival, a highly international creative industries convention, taking place annually at Berlin's Funkhaus premises. BTK Media Spaces and Motion Design students developed elaborate installations for the massive Sound Chamber that ran for several days during the event.

This video showcases the work that went into envisioning, developing and implementing these installations. It encapsulates comprehensively what studying Media Spaces is about.


Video shot and edited by Soheil Moradian

Participating Students:
Rodrigo Cid
Fanny Dreyer
Martina Illarregui
Andy Liu
Aida Montazeran
Basel Naouri
Clara Pons
Luke Powers
Rana Refat
Helin Ulas
Hannah Schmidt
Almut Siebel
Kerem Suntay

Philip Krüger
Florian Kühnle
Claudia Rohrmoser