The goal of this project is, to make fractal patterns as an interactive sculpture, which interacts with and inspires the participants with fractal characteristics.

Fractals are a part of nature. They are the way that mathematicians explain roughness patterns in nature. Many patterns in nature are so irregular and fragmented, that they can not be explained easily with Euclidian geometry. Fractals can be subdivided in parts, each of which is approximately a reduced-size copy of the whole

Fractals are simple and yet very complex. In a way, simple means that they use the same constructive iteration, which carries the results repeatedly in the initiator over and over. This process makes the result extremely complex. The properties of fractals are very useful and
the usage of it can be very valuable. People use fractal principles in a lot of areas. However, the knowledge about fractals is not very widespread, especially in art and design.


Chosita Raksaseree