Ecstasies Of Things


Ecstasies of Things, Atmospheric space, is an interactive light installation which portrays the concept of atmospheric spaces through the eyes of the theorists. It puts into practice the definition of atmospheres discussed in the theories of Hermann Schmitz, Gernot Böhme and Martin Seel. The installation focuses on the influence of the human presence in a space and it is represented through the medium of light.

Hermann Schmitz considers atmospheres to be always spatial, “half-entities”, which constantly seek renewed completion by the presence of the perceiver. While Gernot Böhme, recognizes the objects in space as the creators of atmospheres, as “spaces insofar as they are “tinctured” through the presence of things..., that is, through their ecstasies.”, Martin Seel, on the other hand, reflects on atmospheres as situations in time and space that are always changing according to the human presence and perception.

The installation is a physical representation of the combined description of atmospheres by the theorists and deals with configuring the relationship between our body and the space and our influence on its atmosphere. Ecstasies of things is an atmospheric space that reacts to the human presence and illustrates his constant impact to the surrounding.


Dimana Sofianska