Nathan Starchild, Chelsea Netzband, Amelie Wolfart Arik

The Green Light Project

Through the act of flâneur, the Paris College of Art and the University of Applied Sciences, BTK joined together to collaborate on a project inspired by the act of wandering with no specific intent except to see what it invoked. From this, The Green Light Project was born.

The Green Light Project is a psycho-graphic video that aims to draw participants hypnotically into the human experience. The combination of content and context of this piece are designed to act as an interruption to the default routine of daily life and the perception of what is; beckoning them to investigate further, reflect and connect.

The video is interactive allowing the viewer to change the speed and colours of the landscape. It consists of dreamy, surreal imagery designed to transport participants from space into realised being; from black and white to colour and back again. Wood tokens, with the message, 'share more love, pay it forward,' will be left underneath the projection for viewers to take and or gift to a stranger providing a platform for connection and giving participants permission to break through the unwritten rules of alienation that sit heavy above contemporary urban life, thus the green light.