A collaboration with the Master in Transdisciplinary New Media at Paris College of Arts, Fall 2019.

Wandering is an experience where the walker gets contaminated by the surroundings. Between known and unknown geographies, the walker encounters the territory. With no need to write, draw or record at the precise moment of wandering, it is in the post-experience moment that a reflection on qualities, on stimuli or on memories occurs. This reflection takes place on the whiteness of the paper. There, a new space is represented.


Referring not only to the space of the paper or to the space of wandering, a new space - marked by the individual and singular perception of what was the contact with an urban landscape, city, cultural, etc. - takes shape. Finally, the representations in this medium, with dimensions common to each student, show distinct experiences formalised in details, images, words or schemes of Paris and Berlin that are, in turn, familiar and unexplored spaces.