Olga Selvashchuk, Svala Hjorleifsdttir, Nicholas Schloesser McKenna

City Flow Sessions are a part of a larger project – Wanderlust – developed in collaboration by Master Program students from the Paris College of Art and the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin. The project’s main goal was to explore cities in an experimental way: their similarities and differences, to analyse and reflect on relationships with space, and re-establish them using new media technologies.

Inspired by the dérive, the City Flow Sessions were created by drifting simultaneously through Paris and Berlin. This movement was dependent on predetermined parameters. They made the wanderer aware of existing psychogeographical aspects of the city landscape. Thus, the internal compass of that person was challenged intentionally.

The final result of the sessions could therefore not be predicted or planned. This resonates with the fundamental spirit of the exercise, i.e. results no longer based on personal bias. The documentation only exists for the collected data and sound, showing the viewer an artifact of an unknowingly shared experience.